«Sibprojectelectro» building

The «Sibprojectelectro» company

«Sibprojectelectro» is a scientific-and-engineering company which has more than 50 years of successful work in the area of comprehensive industrial and social projection. Owing to the fact of well organized progressive management that uses up-to-date direct methods the company has reached leading position among the first-rate engineering companies of Siberia.
Highly qualified specialists of our company by means of automatized projecting systems and information technologies realize comprehensive projects of new building, reconstruction and technical reequipment of industrial enterprises and single productions of industrial complex and social objects.
We work in accordance with the international quality management system ISO 9000, which allows to rule and ensure the projected output quality on each step of production according to international acknowledged standards. The very comprehensive approach we use to solve the problems and to satisfy the requirements of our customers help the company to realize all kinds of projects with traditional high level quality. At present time Sibprojectelectro is the company with more than 160 workers. They produce large quantity of high quality projected output a year.

Tel. (383) 346-53-73, 346-51-45
E-mail: spe-info@ngs.ru
Zhuravkov Alexey
Russia, Novosibirsk

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